OSHA Services

Complete inspection of the physical facility and OSHA-related records in accordance with OSHA standards; Review of existing OSHA workplace safety policies; Annual training related to bloodborne pathogen and hazard communications; Compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA); Abatement counseling, if needed; Technical assistance and consultation services for OSHA matters between scheduled visits; Quarterly newsletters and compliance updates which keep you up to date with the most current regulatory activity which affects your industry.

FTC/State Board Services

Facility inspection and onsite review in accordance with respective State and FTC compliance requirements including a complete review of all merchandise displays, price lists, statements of goods and services selected and contracts; review of death registration records, preneed records, and cremation authorization and recordkeeping forms to ensure compliance with state laws and regulations; abatement counseling, if needed; technical assistance and consultation services for State regulatory and FTC matters between scheduled visits; quarterly newsletters and compliance tips prepared by our staff.

Training/Continuing Education Services

In person training courses on OSHA, FTC, ADA and State laws and regulations. For COVID safety, we incorporate our ZOOM meeting account to observe social distancing when staff from multiple locations are in attendance. Courses are approved by various State funeral regulatory agencies as well as The Academy of Professional Funeral Service Practice (APFSP), for continuing education credit.

OSHA Workplace Safety Manuals

Customized manuals that contain a full range of workplace safety policies and form templates.

Regulatory Support Services, Inc.


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Regulatory Support Services helps you stay compliant:

  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration – OSHA 

  • Federal Trade Commission – FTC 

  • State Board Licensing and Regulations for the Funeral Industry

  • Cemetery Laws and Regulations

  • Crematory Laws and Regulations

  • Medical Examiner’s Office and Death Registration Compliance

  • Americans with Disabilities Act – ADA

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